We believe in our partnerships and we represent a number of international companies , developing with them our technology products market, with our very trained engineers and chemist we do provide the best technical services and after sell services to our clients.

Partnering with our People:

At ASBAR, we are an equal opportunity employer and strive to create a safe and open working environment for all our employees. We provide the tools to stay continually ahead of the game in development and growth and encourage a culture of excellence. ASBAR opens the door to new opportunities, and it is important our employees harness their full potential with colleagues in a thriving environment and are always able to bring their authentic self to work. That’s way they are not only employees, but they are also our partners.

Partnering with Kuwait Government:

ASBAR is in Partnership with Kuwait national fund, In April 2013, the Government has enacted law number 98 of 2013 to establish a National Fund for SME Development (the “SME Fund”). The law is intended to help the country make a major stride in the efforts to support the youth, combat unemployment, and enable the private sector to drive economic growth. As an independent public corporation, with a total capital of KD 2 billion, the SME Fund will finance up to 80% of capital for feasible small and medium projects submitted by Kuwaiti Citizens. The National Fund for SME Development focus on building an inclusive, collaborative, and innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs to lay the foundation for economic opportunities in the State of Kuwait.
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Partnering with Leaders In the Market:

We at ASBAR intending to provide our clients our best services and products. We are working so hard to achieve both our principals’ targets, credible presentation and clients satisfaction.