Behind every footstep we take in Asbar lies a strive for opportunity, satisfaction, and accomplishment. We in Asbar believe that with the blessing of Allah (God), hard work, and honesty is the true definition and keystone of business. Therefore, if blessing exists then growth and partner satisfaction will positively impact the way of doing business with organizations and business entities. The thought of being an added value business firm with a sole purpose of making people’s life easier and efficient is what motivates us to exist in a competitive market offering the latest technologies and services.

Asbar for General Trading & Contracting Company (W.L.L), a Kuwaiti family business founded in 2007 with the aim of providing technologies and services that offers solutions in four different fields, which are Aerospace/Military and Defense, Oil and Gas, Governmental, and Health sectors. Asbar believes that these areas are extremely significant in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.


Our Vision

ASBAR (AGTC) is W.L.L Company, registered under the Law of the state of Kuwait, independently audited and Managed by Kuwaiti professional partners.
Focusing and aiming to be the best partners in developments and investments with our employees, manufacturers, suppliers and customers (people/entities), believing on sharing and exchanging the knowledge of sciences and experiences will be always the only way of better life.

Our Mission

ASBAR is founded in 2007, founded with an intension of helping and sharing the responsibilities.
Now the company is registered officially in all the governmental parties and private sectors representing a partnering with an international professional manufacturers and suppliers for healthcare science & technology products, environmental science, industrial science and Trunkey projects.
Trusting and believing on the products and services which we are promoting to our customers, with keeping on working hardly day & night on researches for better and better solutions.
Top Management