The design and engineering of laboratory projects for the oil & gas refineries, petrochemical is a complex undertaking.

ASBAR have gained deep expertise in this area from the numerous projects that we have executed for Oil sector over the past 15 years. We also possess a thorough understanding of the International Standards applicable to Petrochemicals laboratory instrumentation and infrastructure including ASHRAE , EN, ASTM, OSHA and UL.

Dr. Heinekamp Laboratory

The dr. heinekamp laboratory and institutional planning GmbH is a professional design office specializing in laboratory planning. Our offices are located close to Munich, in Berlin, in Basel (Switzerland) and in Riethoven in the Netherlands. We work on domestic as well as international project from these locations.
Laboratory planning is not a trade taught in the German educational system, which led us to employ chemistry and biology experts, some holding PHD degrees and also some without, but all highly qualified specialists in their field. The most important contribution these scientists specialising in the natural sciences bring to their design tasks in the company is their own experience in the laboratory, gained during their university studies, their dissertations, or as associates in the sciences. This results in the designers' fundamental understanding of the various work processes in a laboratory, beginning with the chemical or molecular biology laboratories via the housing and care of laboratory animals and on through to research-oriented clean room areas in the pharmacological or semi-conductor industries.
Construction management is handled by our engineering team (mechanical and supply chain engineers). Our experienced construction superintendents know what is important for the technical development of a house and therefore ensure that the ideas of the builder, the user and, not least, the designer will be implemented smoothly during the construction management phase.

WALDNER group of companies

From home in South-West Germany, Waldner Laboratory is the world’s largest manufacturer of laboratory furniture, ceiling supply solutions and fume hoods. Waldner’s SCALA range is the perfect combination of design and functionality that contribute to improving all laboratory environments.

Part of their service offering is consultancy, where they work with clients to design all elements inside the laboratory/STEM white space; from needs analysis, concept and infrastructure design, product development and supply, turnkey construction works and preventative maintenance.

Laboratory facilities:
Highly flexible room and media solutions, Modular laboratory furniture, Intelligent fume cupboards, Turnkey solutions, Service level agreements

Modular ceiling and room systems, Ventilation and air-conditioning systems, Sanitary and electrical installations, Lighting systems, Media carrier, Partition wall systems

Smart solutions:
Laboratory automation, Resource management, Safety surveillance, Process monitoring

Feasibility studies and utilization concepts, Operational management and safety concepts, Lifecycle considerations and simulations

Laboratory equipment and medical technology, Sewage, water, and gas plants, High purity and special gas systems, Air conditioning, refrigeration technology, cold storage cells, Heat supply and heat recovery plants


FI-P&C's core business is supplying easy to setup products and solutions for remote monitoring and controlling applications.
Our AutoLog automation products are designed and manufactured by FI-P&C (former FF-Automation) in Finland since 1976.
Our AutoLog product family includes GSM- and other Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), wireless sensors and Cloud SCADA supervision solutions

D-2 Incorporated

D-2 Incorporated has introduced a revolutionary new technology. The ASTM D8073-16 Listed WSI short for Water Separation Instrument, is designed to provide the Oil & Gas Industry an accurate determination of Water Separability. The WSI provides a far easier and less expensive to run test method that also is far more accurate and reliable.
By reducing the cost of disposables, providing quicker run times, automated sample preparation, and no false negatives this device is anticipated to save large sums of money in operating costs.
The WSI was developed in partnership with Stanhope-Seta.

Advanced Sensors

Advanced Sensors continues to deliver step change technology for Oil in Water analyzers. We combine technologies such as fluorescence, absorbance, video microscopy with ultrasonic cleaning and optical spectrometry to ensure analyzers provide precise readings reliably and continuously. In addition our experienced technical support team can provide advice and guidance on all your oil in water monitoring needs.